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Finding the Energy


Janet Dixon

2 February 2021

Finding the Energy


It is almost a year since our world turned upside down.  At first we were buoyant and ready for anything.  Reality quickly set in.  Well for me it did. Cancellations, refunds, credits, essential income.   All quickly moving out of grasp.

Wage subsidies, interest free loans and tourism rescue groups were forming everywhere.  Questions on how to stay a viable business were being broadcast through every media/social media source we read.  Times were pressured and often stressful.  Some members of BBANZ made sad decisions to close and move on.  None of us can deny that times have been tough for our micro businesses.

Things were starting to appear; well quite frankly; bleak.

Then snippets of wonderful things started to happen.  We started to hear of our BBANZ members diversifying, branching out and becoming a strength in their local tourism industry groups.  Hosted dinners with celebrity chefs; Murder Mystery nights; Vineyard bike tours and so much more.  BBANZ representation was expanding and valued.  A belief in who we are as a group was returning and by golly, we even got new members. Oh and hey – someone even had the PM to stay!

Slowly and surely the energy for our business was building in confidence and so were we.  So how did this resurgence of positive energy happen?   Here’s some simple things that got my energy back on track and I encourage you to get stuck into every one of them:

  1. Reach out to the BBANZ Board. Pick anyone. The listening ears, the suggestions, the offers of assistance (wage subsidy issues did keep our Secretary quite busy for a time) and the camaraderie is top notch. Remember we have felt the same effects as you.
  2. Reach out to other BBANZ members in your region. If you are isolated where you are send our secretary a note to pop in the newsletter asking for anyone passing by to pop in and say hi. Believe me an understanding ear is just the ticket.
  3. On your travels through NZ find a BBANZ member and pop in. Over the past 12 months Ian and I have either stayed or popped in to 17 different B&Bs.  Everyone was welcoming and fabulous. It was these visits that heightened my energy to a point of almost bliss at times.
  4. Join the Zoom sessions, webinars, local coffee groups and share, listen, contribute to up the energy of others.
  5. Come to the Summit in May - Turning the Tide.  Network your heart out.  Share the good and the not so good times of the past year and hear about the future we can all ride together from here on in.  Celebrate surviving.
  6. Take time to take care of yourself.  This of course should be number 1.  Take that daily walk, swim, or bike ride. Read a book. Cook. Sing and dance. Do something that makes your heart sing.

Energy, like the tides, ebbs, and flows. Those low energy times can be sombre. However, following the above steps will have you riding those tidal turns in leaps and bounds.

I cannot wait to see you all in May.   Stay safe and Scan with that Covid App!


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