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COVID - 19

If you have queries or concerns or think there is something we can help with please don't hesitate to contact us -


If you or a guest gets Covid 

If either you or a guest test positive for Covid call Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

If guests test positive for Covid and are unable to travel (ie. they are not allowed to take public transport or fly) home they will need to isolate until they are able to do so. 

We suggest you follow the Covid-19 protocols provided by the Government for international travellers that is:

If you cannot stay in your accommodation

If you cannot stay in your current accommodation, you must find alternative accommodation. It must be:

    • close to where you are
    • without shared guest facilities.

Isolation accommodation can be self-contained motels, hotels, or campervans. Ask your current accommodation provider for help finding somewhere suitable.

You cannot:

    • take a commercial flight to your accommodation
    • do any long-distance road travel that requires an overnight stay
    • take an interisland ferry or public transport.

Private transport can be used to relocate to your alternative isolation accommodation. It can be your own vehicle, or you can a hire vehicle if it is contactless payment and collection.

Who needs to isolate

Anyone staying or travelling with you will need to self-isolate for 7 days. They are your Household Contacts.

This includes people staying with you in:

    • hotel or motel rooms
    • tents
    • campervans and motorhomes
    • holiday homes such as Airbnb, short-stay apartments, and beach houses.

For further information - click here 

Monkey Pox

The Ministry of Health have updated their website to include information on Monkey Pox.  Monkeypox is an infectious illness that does not easily spread between people.  It can be transferred through a variety of ways.  Ministry of Health have also produced a guide for isolating in accommodation.   
As always you should follow the advice of the Ministry of Health and contact Healthline on 0800 358 5453 if you have a case in your property.
To see more - click here
To see the Guide on Isolating in Accommodation - click here


Face masks

Face mask requirements for your business, employees, customers and visitors will depend on what colour of the COVID-19 Protection Framework you’re operating in.  Face masks are not required outdoors under any setting.

  • Green: Face masks are encouraged.
  • Orange: Face masks are mandatory on flights, public transport, in taxis, indoor retail, public facilities, food and beverage services (except when eating), close proximity services, and for workers at indoor events. Face masks are encouraged elsewhere.
  • Workers at events, or providing close proximity services, and food and beverage service must wear a medical-grade face mask while working indoors if they are interacting with customers.
  • Red: Face masks are mandatory on flights, public transport, in taxis, indoor retail, public facilities, food and beverage services (except when eating), close proximity services, and at indoor events. Face masks are encouraged elsewhere.
  • Workers at events, or providing close proximity services, and food and beverage service must wear a medical-grade face mask while working indoors if they are interacting with customers.

You can find detailed information about face mask requirements for your business or service on the COVID-19 Protection Framework page - COVID-19 Protection Framework


My Vaccine Pass Updated

The COVID-19 Protection Framework rules apply to all businesses, regardless of whether they choose to use My Vaccine Pass. If they wish, most businesses have the option of limiting access to their premises to people with a My Vaccine Pass (as a condition of entry), but this is no longer a requirement under the rules.

An updated My Vaccine Pass is now available for anyone aged 12 and over who is up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as for those with a temporary medical exemption.  The new My Vaccine Pass will look different from the original.

If you are using My Vaccine Pass as an entry requirement, it is recommend that you:

  • continue to accept the original version of the My Vaccine Pass, if that pass has not expired; and
  • train your staff so that they understand your policy and can communicate it to customers.

More information on generating a My Vaccine Pass can be found on the Unite against COVID-19 website - Proof of your vaccination status(external link) — Unite against COVID-19


Your rights around who can enter your premises

Most businesses can limit access to their premise to people with My Vaccine Pass, or similar as a condition of entry.  Businesses can do this as long as:

  • it doesn’t breach any contractual restrictions (for example in a lease or under a franchise agreement)
  • it doesn’t breach any law, such as the COVID-19 Protection Framework Order (which prohibits certain places requiring My Vaccine Pass, like supermarkets or pharmacies) or the Human Rights Act. 

Access conditions are a business decision, and businesses do not need any further justification. Businesses may, however, choose to share their reasons for requiring vaccination, for example, where this is for consistency with an up-to-date work health and safety risk assessment.

There is, however, no obligation for a business to undertake a health and safety risk assessment or point to a public health basis for the access conditions that they set. If a business had based access conditions on these grounds, they may want to review those conditions to reflect updated public health advice.

The exception to this is vaccination requirements for workers or employees, where a business’ decision must:

  • be supported by a work health and safety risk assessment
  • reflect a third-party access requirement.

COVID-19 controls at work - employer vaccination requirements and other measures(external link) — WorkSafe

Vaccines and the workplace(external link) — Employment New Zealand


Guidelines for hosted accommodation providers under the New Zealand COVID-19 Protection Framework - Red / Orange Status

It is BBANZ's recommendation that:

  • All hosts are vaccinated.  If you require your guests be vaccinated you must also be vaccinated.
  • The attached Guidelines should be followed.
  • Masks should be worn at meet and greet.
  • Masks should be worn when serving guests breakfast.
  • All hosts inform their guests of these rules on their website, welcome emails and in their policies.

To view the Guidelines - click here

Operators should also have a Covid-19 H&S Plan  or go to our Health & Safety page for further information.


The COVID-19 crisis is continually evolving and it is difficult for operators to keep up to date with what is happening and with the amount of information being disseminated.  What is clear is that the pandemic has had a significant impact on small owner operated business.   Here we hope to provide you with information that is specific to bed and breakfast operators and which will help support both you and your business through this difficult period.  

As an Association we are in constant contact with Tourism New Zealand, Tourism Industry Aotearoa and other industry associations to ensure bed and breakfast owners are represented and considered in the decision making processes.


To view the latest Government Updates - click here

Contact information

  • Business helpline - Free helpline for businesses, offering advice and access to Government business support, HR and general business advice and access to online resources and webinars. Call 0800 500 362 for North Island, or 0800 50 50 96 for South Island.
  • Reporting non-compliance - Report issues and people or businesses not following advice to COVID-19 Compliance Centre
  • If you have symptoms - Call Healthline if you have symptoms 0800 358 5453
  • Mental Health - Need to talk? For mental health help, call or text 1737
  • Immigration - Visit or call the Immigration Contact Centre 6am – 10pm, Monday – Friday (NZST) from landlines only on 0508 558 855, or Auckland 09 914 4100, Wellington 04 910 9915, or from overseas +64 9 914 4100
  • Kiwis returning from overseas - Managed Isolation and Quarantine or call on on +64 4 888 1670 if you’re overseas (rates will apply) or 0800 476 647 if you’re in New Zealand (calls are free). Hours are 8am – 10pm, Monday – Sunday (NZST).
  • All New Zealanders overseas are encouraged to see the advice and register on
  • Healthline 0800 358 5453 or +64 9 358 5453
  • For information on transport go to or email



Contact Tracing

As part of our protection against the spread of COVID-19 it’s important we all continue to keep track of where we’ve been and who we’ve seen - this applies to both guests coming into your property and for your personal safety when you are out and about. The NZ COVID Tracer app supports contact tracing by allowing New Zealanders to create a digital diary of the places they’ve been. 

For further information go to; call  0800 800 606 or email


  • Self Isolation - this term will be used for those who have Covid-19 and are in isolation
  • Quarantine - this is the correct term for those who are isolating themselves from others but who have not contracted the virus.
  • Social Distance - Physical Distance. We need to ensure we don't distance ourselves socially from others but we also need to ensure we practice guidelines for physical distancing (see below).



Our members group Facebook page is a great place to keep up to date with information as it comes to hand. We will email you with urgent information if required. There have been some great posts and feedback from our members with lots of positive support and suggestions.  If you are not a member of our Facebook group please email me with the email address used with your Facebook page and I will send you an invitation to join.


Sources of Information:

It is really important to ensure you source your information from reputable sources. The Government has also set up a new website providing one-stop shop for all Government related COVID-19 public health information and other useful websites are:


Digital Boost for small businesses including Tourism sector

Small businesses, including those in the tourism sector, will be able to benefit from a Government-funded Digital Boost skills training and support initiative.

The training is the first initiative to be launched from the Digital Boost programme which aims to support thousands of small businesses in realising the benefits of using digital tools and technologies.

Tourism businesses are among those that have suffered the most from the COVID-19 pandemic and many smaller operators may not be able to prioritise investment in digital tools, platforms, and systems. 

This training could be what your business needs, and it’s free. 

The training has been designed to accommodate all levels of ability and knowledge, from behind the scenes admin to showcasing your tourism offering through social media and how to maximise visitor feedback.

Find out more about the Digital Boost skills training initiative - click here


Financial Support 

The Government has released a number of economic packages that bed and breakfast operators are able to take advantage of including:

For further information - click here


Guidance on Cancellation Policies:

There has been a lot of discussion concerning cancellation policies However,  if you receive a cancellation within your cancellation policy you are able to invoke the terms of your policy - if you wish. 

To read more - click here

Your Health and Wellbeing:

Please remember to look after yourselves not just physically but mentally as well.  This is a completely new era for us all and change is often not easy to manage.  Connecting with people who make you feel safe and loved is the most important thing you can do to look after your mental health and the mental health of people around you.

On the TV1 Breakfast show, Dr. John Cameron provided answers to some great questions during a Q & A session. Watch here. Go to 2hrs18mins of the 3-hour show for the 10min segment.

The Mental Health Foundation has created a new section on their website with wellbeing tips and answers to FAQs - click here.

And, you can speak with a trained counsellor at any time - free call 1737 or text 1737 – it's free and confidential so please don't hesitate to to contact them if you feel you need to.


Links to other useful information:

Social (now Physical) Distancing? How can we practice this (Click the link here for a video)

Self Isolation - (Quarantine) What does this mean? 

Health Advice - symptoms, prevention.

Managing your Mental Health & Wellbeing / Taking Care of Children

Assets Kit with downloadable resources you may find useful.

General cleaning information

Information for Hotels and Hotel Staff 

WorkSafe information about the business and worker requirement for keeping people safe and well in the workplace.

Business Continuation Insurance - David Rush Vision Insurance

TIA’s strategic partner Marsh insurance coverage information



Our business mentors, Janet Dixon and Donna Brooke, and the rest of the Board are available to help you in all things B&B business related. Or contact


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