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The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment aims to see every New Zealand tourism business committed to sustainability by 2025.



The Bed & Breakfast Association is excited to be part of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment created by Tourism Industry Aotearoa.   

The Association has adopted the Tourism Sustainability Commitment.  We believe sustainability is not just about the environment - it is about creating a viable sustainable future for our visitors, our businesses, and ourselves.  

We'd like to thank Tourism Industry Aotearoa for their support in creating bed and breakfast specific actions working towards achieving the Tourism Sustainability Commitment.  Here we hope to provide our members with industry specific information you need create your own sustainable bed and breakfast business.  

To see the full New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment - click here.




What's Involved?

Whats involved


The Tourism Sustainability Commitment consists of 4 Elements and a set of 12 Commitments. 



The goal is to ensure all businesses:

  • Have a sustainability plan with goals for all twelve Commitments
  • Make measurable progress towards these goals
  • Embed sustainability into business systems, processes and plans
  • Provide an annual update on progress (by responding to a TIA survey)
  • Communicate with communities and visitors about sustainability efforts

Businesses are not expected to do this alone. TIA have Sustainability Advocates available to support you. The TSC is set up to provide support and guidance to make at least some sustainability actions easy and achievable. We also encourage collaboration within regions and sector groups, to tackle some of the Commitments together.

It all makes a difference. And many, if not all, of the actions make good business sense, resulting in cost savings and more efficiently run businesses.


The important thing


Make a start today

Make a start



Sign up to the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment


Sign up


Download the Sustainability Action Plan - A downloadable Word template designed to help you make a prioritised Action Plan for your sustainability activities.



Then complete the Sustainability Action Plan with the actions you are already doing;



Choose an action and make a start on the actions you aren't doing!



We've pulled together recommendations, documents and information to specifically support Bed & Breakfast businesses complete the Tourism Industry Sustainability Commitment.  You can find these in each section of the Commitments.  Further recommendations, tools and resources are available at Sustainable Tourism.

Click on each of the Commitments to find further information to help you.

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You can find further help:


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