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What should I charge?

Donna Brooke, November 2019

As I work with new B&B's that are getting ready for their first season, inevitably "What should I charge" comes up.  It takes me back to those first TWO, yes I said TWO seasons that I did a heap angsting about setting my rates.

The decision to drop my ‘real’ job and start a B&B took a bit of soul searching. Not too much I have to say because I desperately wanted to live in Tairua and not Auckland.

There were so many things going through my head … Yes, I know about marketing but I don’t know about 4 star cooking, wholesalers interested in B&B, different cultural needs, local tourism market and whether there are enough guests for the amount of accommodation out there etc.

One conscious decision I made right from the outset was to place myself in the top 10% of B&B’s on the Coromandel as far as rates go. I knew from past experience, it is much easier to lower your rates than raise them. So I certainly set out with the end in mind.

I did a bit of research about what the ‘big boys’ were doing out there as far as product and service. I went to visit a few local B&B’s. I can hear you gasping from here!

You know what, everyone I approached was more than happy to talk to me and share their stories of what is working for them and what wasn’t. I think that is just the type of people B&B owners are. Open, welcoming and encouraging.

My biggest advice to you is to decide on how much service you want to give. And what is an absolute no,no for you. We talk more about this in the Masterclass, but where I ended up in my decision process was I wanted to be near the top of the price range but I didn’t want to be ‘at the top’.

My last piece of advice, is once you set your price, live through a couple of seasons. Honestly, unless you have an awesome amount of luck and opportunity, it will take you that long to get your feet under the B&B table.


Donna Brooke

November 2019

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