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The Challenges of Working Away from Home 

Janet Dixon

Janet Dixon

August 2021





Oh yes there are many.  Most of us were the “Work from Home” brigade long before the Covid 19 virus hit the shores.  Now, while doing the work from home job that is our B&B business many of us are also launching back to a world of employment as a means of necessity.  After all the bills must be paid and we need to be ready for the all-important day that NZ opens its borders to the outside global environment.

Challenge No. 1 -  personal energy

It takes a lot of energy to maintain a level of care, professionalism and positivity.  The uncertainty, the negativity and the continual knife edge on both our personal and professional lives is draining.  Many or perhaps most of us have family scattered around the globe; unable to visit us and us unable to visit them; At times I have felt I am being held hostage by an unseen germ frequenting our air space.  I am sure I am not alone in this.  So, what must we do?

  • Prioritise your life. Put the important tasks at the top of your list.  We don’t all have to be super person of the year, you know.  Take the walk or cycle or swim that makes you feel good and releases your positive energy.  Keep in contact with family and friends who can make you smile, laugh, share in your bad days without judgement.  Make these people your priority.

Challenge No. 2 -  enjoy being in the workforce

Getting another job had not really crossed my mind.  I know I did not expect to be back in the real world workforce but here I am, just like many others, making the most of a situation that is possibly not that ideal.

  • Whether it be your B&B, or your new adventure back into the workforce. Enjoy your work as much as you can, remind yourself why you are there, and focus to the future, make new acquaintances in your workplace, look for tips and tricks you could use in your accommodation business.  .  I can say with hand on heart that the positive effects on my mental health and wellbeing have been greatly improved by the social contacts I have with my new work colleagues.

Challenge No. 3 - maintaining your mental health

Maintaining your Mental Health and Wellbeing. I know I touched on this above but this is the most important challenge of all.  Those of you at the summit would have heard the amazing stories from those businesses who have not have a booking since March 2020 through to the avalanche of business that has come to others. Each of these people managed to get up quickly when feeling down; they were able to identify their positives, even when they were very hard to find and they shared.

  • Share with other B&B folk, share with your friends, share, and share, share your stories. Hey even start to document them, make notes, do short video’s, so next year at the summit we can hear your story.  Your sharing helps others more than you realise.
  • Support comes in all forms. Contact members of the association, use the Facebook page,  contact Healthline, contact your GP, contact whoever you need to, to keep you going.  Believe me, you are worth it.  We will all get through these crazy times together.


Kia Kaha my friends

Janet Dixon

Anchor Down B&B Picton & Bunnings Employee


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