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Staycation - A Blog for Winter

Kerry Lodge

As we enter the winter months, a time that is usually quieter for the majority of us hosts, we recommend you take the opportunity to have a "staycation".  That is a holiday spent at home.  And where better to start than sleeping in your own guest rooms?

Actually, we recommend that all our hosts try sleeping in their guest rooms every couple of years or so.  It is a fantastic opportunity to experience what your guests experience when they stay with you and an opportunity to identify any niggling issues or problems.

Some of you may have read my January 2019 blog "Where do you live in your House" where I boldly said we would be renovating our personal rooms that year.  Two years later the main premise of my blog remains - the guest areas are better than the owner's areas which are always the last to be renovated.

Instead of taking a holiday we are now (finally) completing our renovations and have moved into the guest areas for our "staycation".

It's only been three nights and whilst it is wonderful to be living in the better, cleaner, tidier area of our house, I've already discovered a couple of little issues that need rectifying - preferably sooner rather than later  - so I can make the most of them!

Our members have access to our Quality Assurance Programme which steps you through all the possible needs and wants of your guests but I highly recommend taking a "staycation" or more depending on the number of rooms you have - and experience life as one of your guests (though you may need to find someone to make you that special breakfast).  Your guests will definitely be saying you've thought of everything.


Fiona Rollings

June 2021

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