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Emergency Plans


Did you know that a PCBU (that's us B&B owners/managers) must ensure that an emergency plan is prepared for the workplace (our B&Bs) and the fine for not having or implementing an emergency plan is up to $10,000!
To read exactly what the Act says - click here

Given New Zealand's propensity for natural disaster and that it is an offence under the Health & Safety at Work Regulations not to have emergency plans in place, the Board have decided that Emergency Planning shall formally become part of the Assessment Criteria. This means that all members are now required to implement emergency plans and will be assessed on this criteria.

To help with this we have downloaded the Civil Defence Templates for you to use.  Simply open these documents and complete them - they are full of suggestions and examples so you can easily see what you need to do.  They also cover emergencies other than natural disasters such as robbery and violent offenders.  You may prefer to recreate these documents so they are tailored to your individual business.
Emergency Response Plan - click here
Business Continuance Plan - click here
Emergency Planning Business Information Register - click here

If you would like to read further about H&S and Emergency Planning - click on the links below:
          WorkSafe Emergency Management
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Emergency Planning

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