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Bed & Breakfast Association Logo


The Association logo is only available for use by those members who have been assessed and meet our membership criteria.  If you have been assessed and not received the logo please contact the Association Secretary.  We have a number of variations available so you can choose which logo suits you best.

To help us increase our brand awareness please:

  • add our logo to your website in a prominent position
  • include a link from the logo to our website -
  • add a by-line to the bottom of your website's home page letting potential guests know you are a member of the Association. For example:  "We are proud to be members of Bed & Breakfast Association New Zealand. This means we are quality assessed and meet the standards set by this Association".
  • add our logo to the footer of your emails
  • upload our logo as a picture to all your OTA marketing websites (eg., Agoda, Airbnb, etc).
  • Stick your logo decal in a prominent position on your letterbox or by your front door


About our Logo

The logo features a koru design.  The koru is a Maori symbol in various spiral shapes in which they represent harmony, combination, unity and togetherness - this being the “Association”, part of Bed & Breakfast Association New Zealand and then becoming a whole with the circle encompassing it.

The logo embraces many of the qualities about what the Association means to each member - alignment, consistency, visibility, support and economical.  The Koru also signifies new life, growth, strength and peace symbolising the position of the Association as we look forward to a future continuing to support our members in all areas of their business.


Official Features

Colours featured in this logo are turquoise and aqua.  The font selected for this concept is Cinzel Bold (a variation of the Times New Roman font family) and Quicksand from the Sans Serif font family.

This has been designed to suit both portrait or landscape orientation.

Logo designed in 2017 by:

Amy Pomana

Copper on Canvas




Official Logo

Our "official" official logo is the full logo with the name of the Association in full and this form of the logo is to be used wherever possible.

The small logo may be used wherever the full logo is inappropriate or an icon is needed – note that if it is too small the word “Association” will be difficult to read



Association Logo

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