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What has your Board been up to in the last month?

August 2020 Update


Board Meeting - Tairua

The Board will met in September in Tairua - if there is anything you'd like to raise with the Board please don't hesitate to let us know -

Board Meeting Tairua


Wage Subsidy Extension

Over the last month the Board heard from members and non members alike who were experiencing issues receiving the wage subsidy.  Fiona spoke with Denise Bayne, Ministry of Social Development, who confirmed that bed and breakfast properties are eligible for the wage subsidy.  However, each individual business is required to meet the criteria set on its own merits and some businesses may not be eligible for the subsidy.  If members are experiencing problems with either IRD or MSD in receiving the wage subsidy they should contact Fiona -  



Donna Brooke, President  ...


Marketing of the association still carries on and in particular with our Facebook page and our Facebook group.  Both are getting some great engagement from members and non-members alike.  We are running regular, weekly, facebook ads around the reasons to join our membership.

This month I had the priviledge of joining the Domestic Tourism Marketing Group as strategies are developed for the accommodation sector going forward.  Sitting around the table are mostly the large hotels so it is fabulous to get our smaller operators’ voice heard.  One very pertinent point that came out of this meeting is that we must all update our listing as over 70,000 people a week visit that site.

Along with Fiona, we’ve developed a regional group marketing plan that has gone out to our Regional Co-ordinators.  Hopefully they have shared some of our suggestions and strategies with you. 

The new Spring Webinar Series has been fun to pull together with Fiona.  Such a great line up and a chance for our members to get ahead of the 8-ball.   Thank you to Tomahawk for coming on board as sponsor of this series.

The BBANZ Business Plan and Marketing Plan are in the process of being updated.  I look forward to sharing with you a few of our insights once they are completed.

Assessments continue to be completed.  It is so pleasing to see the number of B&B’s completing and working on these assessments. 

And finally, work has started on the 2021 conference!  Fingers and toes crossed that we can get this one over the finish line.  More on that at a later date!

You can contact me on -

Wanaka Regional Group


Janet Dixon, Vice President  ...

Janet has been out and about visiting properties - Craig & Blanche at The Old Enfield School, Robert and Gary at Ribbonwood Country House and Sally at Gem B&B.

Janet has another list of B&Bs she'll be visiting on her way north to attend the next Board meeting.

Janet also held another zoom meeting with assessors - these have been great sessions with some good ideas coming forward.

There was no photo of Janet on the e-bike from the Marlborough Regional Group gathering but I'm sure this will be posted shortly.



Marlborough Coffee Group

Liz Webster, Wanaka  ...

Wanaka group has been running a series of workshops professionally led by Sarah Neill also a member and owner of Wanaka Alpine Lodge.    These workshops were inspired by the desire refresh the marketing for Wanaka B&B, to create an image for branding our unique hosted accommodation product to the domestic market and we spent a lot of time establishing what we do well what makes us unique and differentiates us from the poor image of Airbnb. We are in the process of taking this to the next level with some targeted professional help from a creative business marketing company.

The short term goal is new refreshed branding of our unique value statement ready to launch a group marketing campaign  this spring through multiple channels.  More to come so watch this space. We hope BBANZ will adopt this and roll it out around the regions and Donna joined one of our sessions when she was here in holiday.
You can contact Liz on -


Wanaka Regional Group Meeting

Nick James, Nelson ...

We have been very busy with the new property we bought next door. We are going to add it to our bed and breakfast portfolio as it is fully furnished.  The house was built in 1986 and it has still got the original wallpaper!!  Here are some pictures of us hard at work clearing away the rotten decking from the back yard.

Nick has also been working with a member in relation to valuation issues with his property.

You can contact Nick on -

Nick James

Glenn Gairdner, Matamata  ...

Glenn has also been working with members regarding rating enquiries and credit card enquiries - see his latest blog!

You can contact Glenn on -

glenn with Dixie

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