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One of the core roles of the Association is advocating on your behalf, ensuring that Government and Local Body policies are not detrimental to bed and breakfast owners.  We also work with other associations and tourism bodies to ensure the voice of bed and breakfast owners is heard in the tourism industry.

If you know of any local council release their district plan update which contains restrictions for the operation of bed and breakfast properties please let us know so we can work to prevent these from being implemented.

You are more than welcome to adapt any of our previous submissions for your own use.


November 2019 - New Plymouth District Council - Proposed District Plan Change


Section GRZ-R6 – Residential Visitor Accommodation, specifically the clause that states:

Where ... the activity occurs for no more than 90 days in total per site during any 12 month period;

The Association believes that this is unreasonable to residential visitor accommodation providers and the clause will have a negative impact on the New Plymouth District economy.

To read our full submission - click here


August 2019 - Submission to Productivity Commission - Local Government Funding and Financing Draft Report


Our submission to the Productivity Council is directed to section 6 Future Funding and Financing Arrangements – with specific focus on section 6.7 Funding to address pressures from tourism of the Local Funding and Financing Draft Report – July 2019.

The Commission has been requested to “look to bring new and innovative thinking to these issues” (terms of reference ii) and “provide practical ways to improve the funding and financing of local authorities” (terms of reference ii).

We are concerned that the Commission appears hesitant to investigate new options when considering funding for tourism and a number of times has suggested funding options for tourism are at direct contradiction to suggestions and comments made elsewhere in the Report. 

We believe the suggestion of an accommodation levy to be a simplistic one.  One that is often touted and one which, when investigated further, raises more issues and associated costs which outweigh the proposed purpose – that of increasing funding for local councils.

The report appears to under estimate the importance and impact of tourism on New Zealand as a whole.  “Beyond the significant economic benefits it also grows employment, business opportunities and is the backbone of many communities”, Stephen England-Hall, TNZ CEO, Jul 18.  The indirect value added of industries supporting tourism is valued at 4.3 percent of GDP. (Dept of Stats. Tourism Satellite Account).

We are concerned that the Commission dismisses other funding options (such as returning a portion of GST from international visitor spend) without investigating these, or the impact of its suggested accommodation levy, sufficiently.

To read our full submission - click here


2018 - Queenstown District Lakes Council proposed bed tax

We joined with TIA in support of their opposition to QDLC's proposed bed tax.  We also supported the Wanaka regional group and other parties in opposition.

To see Wanaka Regional Group's response to the Bed Tax Proposal - click here

To see local business submission - click here

To see TIA's full submission (February 2018) - click here

If you would like a full update of what has happened in the Queenstown District Lakes Council region please contact Liz Webster


April 2018 - Hawke's Bay Regional Council - Reduction in Tourism Funding


Bed & Breakfast Association have a number of concerns about the impact of the proposed reduction of funding of tourism by Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.  The protection of the environment should not be at the expense of economic growth and employment of people in our region. 

To read our full submission - click here


August 2017 - Auckland Council Targeted Rates

In August 2017 we joined with TIA in support of their opposition to the Auckland Council's Targeted Rates proposal.

To read TIA's full submission - click here







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