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Airbnb announced yesterday that it would be updating its Terms (including its Terms of Service, Payment Terms and Privacy Policy) and that the new Terms will come into effect for all existing users on 27 June 2018.  The Association is pleased to see that Airbnb have added the following statement providing clarity to those listing rooms or properties - “Hosts alone are responsible for identifying, understanding, and complying with all laws, rules and regulations that apply to their Listings and Host Services”.

Rayma Jenkins, President, says “once you open your home to paying guests, you become part of the hospitality industry with all its accompanying responsibilities and obligations.  Essentially, you are operating a business from your home regardless of the number of rooms you let and regardless of who you choose to advertise with”.

The Association has long held concerns at the lack of knowledge of operators listing on advertising platforms such as Airbnb and about their legal responsibilities.  

“It is not the role of Airbnb to provide its users with specific information about hosts’ legal responsibilities, and in fact, it would be nearly impossible for them do to so as each Local Council in New Zealand has different requirements.  However, the fact that Airbnb are now adding statements such as this, in a more visible section of their contract, is a step in the right direction”, said Rayma Jenkins.

B&Bs belonging to our Association must meet minimum quality criteria and comply with relevant regulations.  Before membership is confirmed, B&B properties are assessed to ensure these criteria are met.  The criteria have been developed to help protect both members and guests and include such things as appropriate insurance policies, Health & Safety, what should be covered in advertising, quality standards and legal responsibilities.


For further information contact:

Rayma Jenkins

t:             +64 6 834 2090



Bed & Breakfast Association NEW ZEALAND pleased to see Airbnb updating its terms and conditions

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