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Laundry problems .....

Fiona Rollings

4 September 2019

There were a couple of questions raised at conference that we didn't have the chance to answer so I thought I'd cover them this week:

The first is about how to remove stains from sheets -

This is something we all struggle with and so much depends on the stain! I'm am assuming that the stain hasn't come out with the usual laundry and stain remover.

My first words of advice would be to hire sheets and then you don't need to worry about stains at all (and they come ready pressed!!). This isn't always practical or possible for some of our members so my next piece of advice would be to take them to the dry cleaners. I take all my sheets to the dry cleaners regardless and have them washed, dried and pressed - it is so easy. Not quite a cheap as hiring sheets but then, I do get to have my own quality sheets.

For any stains that you're not sure of I would suggest taking them to the drycleaners - this will be cheaper than buying a new sheet. If you are going to take them to the cleaners for a one off clean - don't try to fix the stain first! Leave it for the experts.

Still, for many of you it is a bit of a hike to the nearest laundry. How to get rid of the stains will depend on the stain and there are so many options now. Some of my most common stains are caused by fake tan, blood, makeup and hair dye! This is where I need your help. What do you use to remove stains from sheets? Rayma suggests "the eco store laundry soaker is brilliant and if all else fails bleach. For very stubborn stains a friend swears by The Rug Doctor – yes the carpet stain and spot remover – there are two types. One for yellow, brown and orange stains and one for oil and grease based ones. I have not had to use them on sheets but certainly helped on upholstery."


The second question is kind of related - do you allow guests to use the laundry? And if yes, do you charge?

The answer to this question really depends on your personal preference. I do allow guests to use my laundry free of charge. And I do this because bed bugs love dirty laundry, I don't like guests washing their underwear in the hand basin and because it isn't a big issue for me (I don't have guests who have been tramping for 5 days!). However, I don't have a clothes dryer and this often makes a difference to whether guests want to do their washing or not. And I don't allow guests who are only staying one night to do their laundry - mainly because I don't have a dryer! I know Rayma allows guests to use her laundry and simply requests a donation to the Kiwi Creche in Hawke's Bay. This is something I think I will start doing this year.

There is a cost involved to using your personal laundry facilities and unless you have a commercial washing machine and dryer then the cost involved in running these machines is usually higher than the local laundromat. If you don't mind guests using your laundry and you'd like to charge for it I recommend visiting your local laundromat and seeing how much they charge and then using use this as a base.

I'm interested to hear what you all think ...


Fiona Rollings

4 September 2019

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