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Where do you live in your B&B??

Fiona Rollings

21 January 2019

When we first started looking to open a B&B we looked at a number of properties - both existing businesses and properties with the potential to become successful B&B businesses.  It quickly became clear to me that if I was going to purchase a beautiful house I wanted to live in the house (not in an annex to the house) and, preferably, I wanted to sleep in the master bedroom – the best bedroom in the house.

I listened to existing owners and heard their stories.  Many sleep / live in annexes and move back to the main home in the off season.  Many sleep in the smallest room of the house with the master bedroom being let to guests, again moving back in the off season (or after a few years – not moving back at all!).  Not me, I thought.  I’m not going to watch guests enjoying my beautiful home if I can’t live in it as well.

We therefore purchased a property where we would live in the house and sleep in the master bedroom and our guests in their own rooms in a guest wing (all very righteous!).

Now I look back and realise although I sleep in the master bedroom, like so many other properties, these rooms are not the best rooms in the house!  I realise now that “master bedroom” and “best bedroom in the house” are not synonymous!

Since owning the property we have gradually renovated it and somehow along the way our rooms were relegated to the bottom of the “to do” list.  The guest areas are more than just a step up in quality from our areas.

Not anymore though – this year will be the year I finally have an updated bedroom and much needed renovated bathroom.

So, I go back to my question – where do you live? And, was this what you expected when you started your B&B?


Where do you live in your B&B?

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