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The story of Greencane started in 2009 when Geoff saw first-hand the environmental destruction caused by the felling of a local forest for timber pulp.
“We grow trees for 15 to 25 years that end up as toilet paper,” said Geoff.
“It’s just wrong when you have a sustainable alternative like bamboo that takes just  one year to grow. I launched Greencane as a choice initiative, it was never as much about starting a business as it was about providing a sustainable choice for everyday products like toilet paper and paper towels.
Similarly, Greencane has from day one committed to be 100% plastic-free and with minimal packaging, leading to the development of our ‘Naked’ range of products.
Fast forward to today when a full range of Greencane Paper is available in New Zealand and the UK.
Looking to the future, Geoff’s everyday mantra of “living lightly” while guiding his personal actions also shapes the direction, he sees for the future of Greencane Paper.


Geoff Arden





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