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Driving Safe


Advice received from WorkSafe NZ is that “There is no specific guidance regarding transporting customers in your vehicle”.  However, the definition of a workplace includes “any place where a worker goes” and “place includes – a vehicle”

WorkSafe NZ also advise that “As a PCBU you have a primary duty of care to ensure that the health and safety of other persons is not put at risk from the workplace activity.” 

We would therefore recommend that you develop a Safe Driving Policy to cover both you, when driving on B&B business, and your guests. 

ACC have developed a template for this (Click here) .  There are somethings you should also consider:

  • Tiredness – especially, if you have risen early to prepare an early breakfast and a guest requests a pick up late at night.
  • Regular servicing and safety checks for your vehicle (eg. Tires and safety belts) – you are not required to meet additional safety requirements but do need to ensure the basic requirements (eg. Warrant of Fitness and registration) are met.

NZTA have further information about safe driving and fleet management which we also recommend you read:

Remember under the Act, as a PCBU, you have a duty to identify the hazards and risks that are present in the business and manage them with the strongest controls reasonably practicable.  It is up to you as the PCBU to determine what the appropriate controls for the risks are.

Driving Safe

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