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Outdoor Equipment

Do you have outdoor equipment available for your guests to use?  Regardless of whether guests pay to hire cycles, water equipment, fishing or other outdoor equipment or whether it is provided free, those who let guests use this equipment have obligations under the Health & Safety Act and must take reasonably practicable steps to identify hazards (including bodies of water).  Don't forget that you are also covered by the H&S Act if you are riding a cycle for work related reasons!   You should ensure any equipment supplied is cleaned and serviced regularly.  Below is further safety information.

Use of some outdoor equipment may also quality under "Adventure Activities" and may have additional safety requirements under the Act.  For further information about Adventure Activities - click here
For information provided by Support Adventure - click here

For the official NZ Code for Cyclists - click here
Bike Wise also provide useful information - click here

Maritime New Zealand have Safety Guidelines for all Paddle Craft for lakes, flat water areas and sheltered coastal areas  - click here.
Further water safety information can be found at -

Outdoor Equipment

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