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Methamphetamine Guidelines


If your property has been used for Meth production - CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY
  • Get out.  Do not go back inside.  Do not touch anything.  Call the Police.
  • Arrange for decontamination;
  • Cancel any future bookings until the property is decontaminated;
  • Contact your insurance provider;  
What can you do?
  • Ensure you have stringent booking policies in place;
  • If you suspect any type of drugs are being used at your property call the Police;

Further information:

If you find a clan lab (methamphetamine), get out

Strange smells, fumes and vapour escaping from windows or ventilators, sealed windows and premises being used for purposes other than normal, are some of the signs that indicate premises may be being used as a clan lab. If you suspect you have found a clan lab get away from the area immediately.

  • Never taste, touch or smell any chemicals or equipment.
  • Do not attempt to stop a chemical reaction.
  • Do not turn any electrical device on or off, such as lights or a fan. This could cause an explosion.
  • Do not shut off the water supply to the house or the chemical reaction.
  • Do not smoke in or near a clandestine laboratory.
  • Do not use tools, radios, cell-phones, torches or devices that produce sparks or friction.
  • Call the Police.
  • Do not go back inside.

If you suspect the house you are moving into has previously been used as a clan lab, contact your local council's environmental health officer or your local police station.


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