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Assessment Schedule

This Schedule is your copy of the minimum hosting requirements to belong to Bed & Breakfast Association.

The Assessment Process

  1. You will be notified that your property re-assessment is due
  2. With your notification the self- assessment forms will be sent to you.
  3. Please completed the self- assessment forms noting items you need to address.
  4. An Assessment Consultant will be allocated (note - we like to send a different consultant to the previous visit if possible).
  5. The Consultant will arrange a time to visit  – preferably within 30 days.  Any delays are to be communicated to the Assessment Coordinator.
  6. At the visit the Consultant will view the self- assessment forms, the insurances and health and safety manual.
  7. The Consultant views your property and checks off the items and discusses any issues with you.
  8. You both then sign the Reassessment Schedule and the Consultant emails /posts it to the Assessment Co-ordinator.

If there are items to be addressed

If there are any issues arising these will be highlighted and discussed and you will be given the opportunity to address it/them and provide  proof. eg. sighting  insurances, thermometer for fridge and so on.

This should be done within one month of the Consultant’s visit unless there are extenuating circumstances. If the items are not addressed within the month the matter is referred to the Assessment Co-Ordinator for follow up and may result in your listing being removed from our website.

To access the Re-assessment Schedule  - click here

If you have any issues or concerns please contact the Assessment Co-ordinator:

Janet Dixon


Assessment Schedule

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