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Welcome to Regional Convenors and all those who are interested in supporting their region.


Wanaka Regional Group Waikato Rotorua Regional Group



Contact people as at August 2021:

Far North:

Rob Cottrell / Lionel Chambers

Moon Gate Villa



Samantha Winn

Quail Lodge



Glenn Gairdner




Carol Blair

Taigh na Mara



Mike Nolan

Rotorua City Homestay



Mary Wood

Olive Rabbit


Hawke's Bay:

Rayma Jenkins

Cobden Garden


Kapiti Coast / Wellington:

Louise Compton

Aston Road Villa



Janet Dixon

Anchor Down B&B Picton



Nelson - Tasman:

Anthea Harvey


Sharon Corbett

Accent House



West Coast:

Jan Roberts

Breakers Boutique Accommodation



Robert Day

Ribbonwood Country House




Liz Webster

Websters on Wanaka



Craig Sturgess

The Old School Enfield





Notes and documentation from Regional Group meeting held on 6 August 2021:


New Board Member

The Association is still looking for a new Board Member.  If you would like to join the Board or if you know of someone suitable please contact Donna Brooke.  The challenge is that many of our members are now working as well as running their businesses and we do need someone who is available to help.  

Rayma asked if Board Members were required to be assessed - the consensus of the meeting was that they should be and Donna will ensure the Board considers this when nominations are received.


How can we push these along?  Reiterate the benefits of being assessed such as the Travel Trade afternoon at conference only available for members who are assessed.

Janet held a local meeting meeting and worked through all the requirements which appeared to have been helpful.

AP:  Louise Compton - put up a post on Facebook to say how beneficial it was to have been reassessed.

AP:  Mary Wood - put up a post on Facebook about using Member Discount Card at Beaurepairs.

How to encourage non members to join

The five main reasons for joining any association and transferred to BBANZ are in order:

  • Networking;
  • Professional support
  • Member Benefits
  • Best Practice Guidelines
  • Advocacy
  • Conference

Encourage non members to join the Facebook Group so they can see what we do.  Fiona contacts Facebook non members regularly.

See brochure attached - About the Association; and past members may be interested in the 2021 Annual Report which also shows the amount of work the Association has done in the past year (attached here).

There are a number of events coming up that will be available - Sustainability Webinar - free for everyone but non members do not have access to BBANZ documentation; Spring Webinar Series which is free for members and $25 per webinar for non members.

New Member Drive -

A new member drive will be sent out shortly - six months free membership.  Wanted to make it a worthwhile discount.  To be valid for the month of September.

AP:  Everyone to send Fiona any contact email addresses / information they have for non members in their area.

General agreement that it would be useful to have a session similar to the Airbnb session with and have them step through setting up your property.


AP  Donna to confirm with Airbnb how to have our member logos added to their listing.

Sustainability Webinar

Fiona has been working with Megan Williams (TIA) on Sustainability for Hosted Accommodation and there will be a webinar on 18 August @ 11.00am.  It will be an interactive session with plenty of time for questions and answers.

Spring Webinar Series

Will be held in October.  A series of four webinars targeting Marketing Channels.  Free for members and $25 for non members.  These will be recorded.

2022 Conference

Planning is underway.   Conference will be in Wellington and at this stage from 23-25 May (awaiting final confirmation from hotel) at the Copthorne Oriental Bay.  The theme will be around working on your business to be ready for when the borders open.  There will also be a Travel Trade Afternoon.

Statement of Service Position

Updated SSP will be available after the next Board Meeting and on the website. Donna asked everyone to provide feedback on what the Association does; what members would like the Association to do. Actions from SSP flow into business plan.

New Member Referral Reward

Reminder that there is a $200 prezzy card available for those who refer new members to the Association.  This hadn't been taken up very often.  Noted that many of the regional convenors wouldn't ask for it (thank you to you all!)

Donna will contact people again with the date and time for next gathering.

Regional Convenor Information

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